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Sun Session EP

In 2010, Gavin travelled to the US to follow the Mississippi from New Orleans to Memphis, on the now legendary Highway 61. In Memphis, he spent an evening at the famous Sun studio in Memphis. (Elvis Presley, Ike Turner, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis have all recorded here. Vocals were recorded for two tracks, At The End Of The Day, and Cyberia. Both tracks were written and initially performed while studying contemporary music at Melbourne’s NMIT. 

The EP is due for release on iTunes soon, but in the meantime the tracks can be previewed on YouTube here:

Pendragon Dreaming

Pendragon Dreaming is possibly Australia’s only Welsh language folk group. The group give occasional shows around Melbourne, and often perform at the National Celtic Festival. Gavin plays guitar, bass guitar and sings occasionally. He has been in the group for some years now, and recently wrote an evocative song, ‘Emigrant Lullaby’ for the group.

At The End Of The Day